Titanic Deep Dive – Production & Release Podcast

While there is always a reason to discuss James Cameron’s Titanic, there are many reasons approaching to dive into the film and its significance; whether your reasoning be a James Cameron film on the horizon, Titanic’s 25th anniversary or a new Leonardo DiCaprio film releasing, Oscars Central will have you covered with Titanic coverage including a series of podcast episodes and pieces on the site to dive into.

Over the next few months, the team at Oscars Central will be looking into the film, the history of the actual Titanic, the 1998 Oscars and the film’s pop culture significance. Stay tuned for pieces covering these topics as well as podcast episodes in our Titanic series. You can check out the first in our series here, where we discussed the Cast and Crew of the film!

In our second episode, Nicole, Lex and Kenzie discussed the production of the film as well as the film’s release into theaters. Everything from PCP poisoning to damaging the wreckage of the actual Titanic to Blockbuster! Check it out here.

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