• Tom Cruise – The Last Movie Star?

    Tom Cruise – The Last Movie Star?

    When audiences think of Tom Cruise, for some people, their mind instantly goes to Mission: Impossible or Top Gun. For some, they think of his commitment to doing his own stunts and upping the ante with each next action film he does. For others, they think of Cruise’s work with notable directors such as Paul […]

  • Missed Oscartunities – Supporting Actress Podcast

    Missed Oscartunities – Supporting Actress Podcast

    On our lastest podcast episode, we were joined by some amazing guests and dove into some Missed Oscartunities in the Supporting Actress category. Jacob, Kenzie and Ricky were joined by Matthew and Nicole as they briefly discussed the news of the week and then began a fun discussion of some overlooked performances (AND SNUBS!) in […]

  • Academy Announces New Rules & Changes

    Academy Announces New Rules & Changes

    The Academy has announced several changes in Oscar rules and campaigning requirements in a press release put out today. The Academy also confirmed the eligibility period, which is a return to a full calendar year; a feature film must have a qualifying theatrical release date between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022. Films must […]