• Best Picture Rewind: My Fair Lady – Podcast

    In this episode of Best Picture Rewind, Lex and Nicole revisit the 1965 Best Picture winner, My Fair Lady. They discuss the film, their thoughts on the musical itself, and Lex is heartbroken to learn that Mary Poppins did not win the Oscar that year. You can listen to the show below or wherever you…

    Best Picture Rewind: My Fair Lady – Podcast

  • Cannes Prize Winners to Oscar Translation

    Cannes Prize Winners to Oscar Translation

    The Cannes Film Festival is wrapping up and over the years, the festival prestigious honors highlight auteurs and new talent, but how often do prize winners from the festival make it all the way through awards season to the Oscars? Here is a look back at festival winners’ road to the Academy Awards from the…

  • Live Action Disney Films – Ranked

    Live Action Disney Films – Ranked

    In light of this week’s release of Disney’s newest live action remake, The Little Mermaid, we decided to revisit some of Disney’s other live action remakes and give our personal ranking.  *Note: For purposes of this ranking, only true remakes are considered. Live action films that were inspired by classic Disney films (i.e. Cruella, Maleficient,…

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