New Season, New Us!

Oscars Central is relaunching as an outlet exclusive to female and non-binary writers! We’re looking forward to offering a platform to highlight the work of the amazing women and non-binary writers in the film criticism and awards season space. We are so excited to relaunch to offer a space for women and non-binary critics to write about films, award season, provide reviews, and join our weekly podcast!

We want to give a special thank you to Adriano for his hard work over the last season. His reviews, articles on award season, and passion for Brendan Fraser really made the last year so fun! Make sure you follow him for his continued work on his YouTube channel and other outlets! 

Another huge thank you to Ricky for not only his hard work but his support with on the backend of the podcast, explaining betting odds to us all, and his uplifting of every voice on the site. Make sure you listen to his new podcast ‘Love in Reality’ and his work at Music City Drive In.

Our biggest thanks to Jacob, who has been here since day one! His work on the podcast and site with his reviews, predictions, and analysis on award season will be missed. Jacob is so kind and supportive, we will miss our Sammy Fabelman on the site, but continue to support his work at his many outlets! ‘And that’s the show…’

We are so excited to celebrate film and a new award season as a team of women & non-binary writers!

If you’re interested in joining our team or contributing, please send us a DM on Twitter or contact us via email! Thank you again for everyone’s support! 

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