2023 Independent Spirit Award Winners

The 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards were held today.

Films must meet some criteria to be eligible for the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Films cannot exceed a gross budget ceiling of $30 million. It is also worthy to note that the Best Lead Performance, Best Breakthrough Performance and Best Supporting Performance are all gender neutral categories. Women Talking was awarded the Robert Altman Award, which made the performances from the film ineligible in the acting categories.

Check out the full list of winners.

Best Feature
“Bones and All”
“Everything Everywhere All at Once” – WINNER
“Our Father, the Devil”
“Women Talking”

Best Director
Todd Field, “TÁR”
Kogonada, “After Yang”
Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” – WINNER
Sarah Polley, “Women Talking”
Halina Reijn, “Bodies Bodies Bodies”

Best First Feature
“Aftersun” – WINNER
“Emily the Criminal”
“The Inspection”
“Palm Trees and Power Lines”

Best Lead Performance
Cate Blanchett, “TÁR”
Dale Dickey, “A Love Song”
Mia Goth, “Pearl”
Regina Hall, “Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul”
Paul Mescal, “Aftersun”
Aubrey Plaza, “Emily the Criminal”
Jeremy Pope, “The Inspection”
Taylor Russell, “Bones and All”
Andrea Riseborough, “To Leslie”
Michelle Yeoh, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” – WINNER

Best Supporting Performance
Jamie Lee Curtis, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”
Brian Tyree Henry, “Causeway”
Nina Hoss, “TÁR”
Brian d’Arcy James, “The Cathedral”
Ke Huy Quan, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” – WINNER
Trevante Rhodes, “Bruiser”
Theo Rossi, “Emily the Criminal”
Mark Rylance, “Bones and All”
Jonathan Tucker, “Palm Trees and Power Lines”
Gabrielle Union, “The Inspection”

Breakthrough Performance
Frankie Corio, “Aftersun”
Gracija Filipović, “Murina”
Stephanie Hsu, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” – WINNER
Lily McInerny, “Palm Trees and Power Lines”
Daniel Zolghadri, “Funny Pages”

Best Screenplay
“After Yang”
“Catherine Called Birdy”
“Everything Everywhere All at Once” – WINNER
“Women Talking”

Best First Screenplay
“Bodies Bodies Bodies”
“Emily the Criminal” – WINNER
“Fire Island”
“Palm Trees and Power Lines”

Best Cinematography
“Neptune Frost”

Best Editing
“The Cathedral”
“Everything Everywhere All at Once” – WINNER
“Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”

Robert Altman Award
“Women Talking”

Best Documentary
“A House Made of Splinters”
“All That Breathes”
“All the Beauty and the Bloodshed” – WINNER
“Riotsville USA”

Best International Film
“Joyland” – WINNER
“Leonor Will Never Die”
“Return to Soul”
“Saint Omer”

Someone to Watch Award
Adamma Ebo, “Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul”
Nikyatu Jusu, “Nanny” – WINNER
Araceli Lemos, “Holy Emy”

Truer Than Fiction Award
Isabel Castro, “Mija”
Reid Davenport, “I Didn’t See You There” – WINNER
Rebeca Huntt, “Beba (Bayba)”

John Cassavetes Award
“The African Desperate”
“A Love Song”
“The Cathedral” – WINNER
“Holy Emy”
“Something in the Dirt”

Producers Award
Liz Cardenas
Tory Lenosky – WINNER
David Grove Churchill Viste

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