Audience Audit – Ballot # 5

In order to see what audiences think of the Academy Awards, we decided the best course of action was to reach out to our friends, families, co-workers and more to get their opinions on the Oscar race this year. While audiences have no overlap with Academy membership, it’s nice to get some clarity where some people outside the #FilmTwitter space are landing on the films in contention and the Oscars overall.

Our latest Audience Audit comes from Katy, who lives in Oklahoma. She is in her early-thirties and works in tech sales. We asked Katy about her thoughts on the 2023 Oscars, her moviegoing habits and more!

Oscars Central: Do you typically watch the Oscars each year?
Katy: I try to. Just solely depends on whether or not I have plans that day each year. If I do miss it, I always go to YouTube the day after to watch all the acceptance speeches.

Oscars Central: Does it make a difference to you who the host of the Oscars is?
Katy: Not really, no. To be honest, I think I’d like the Oscars more if there just simply was no host. I don’t really think they even need a host when they already have presenters for the awards. Just always seemed redundant to me.

Oscars Central: Last year, there was a controversy that not all 23 Categories were presented live on the telecast. This year, all 23 categories will be presented live; would it entice you to watch the telecast if not all categories were presented? 
Katy: OH!!! No, I’m so excited that all categories will be presented live. That always irked the hell out of me because I actually care about some of the “unpopular” categories.

Oscars Central: Do you enjoy the performances of the Original Song nominees?
Katy: Depends on the nominees for that year. I’ve seen some years go by where the Original Song nominees were simply abysmal. If that’s the case, I’ll usually tune out or skip ahead (if possible) over the live performances.

Oscars Central: Of the Best Picture nominees for the year, which have you seen?
Katy: All Quiet On The Western Front, Avatar: The Way Of Water, The Banshees Of Inisherin, Elvis, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Women Talking (I literally did not know this film was nominated for Best Picture). I want so badly to say TÁR but I only finished half of it before I ran out of my rental period….but I’ll complete it soon!!!

Oscars Central: For the films you haven’t seen, are you interested in seeing them now that they have received a Best Picture nomination? 
Katy: I had been wanting to see The Fabelmans before the Best Picture nomination. I don’t really care if I see the new Top Gun or not; I really don’t understand why it’s nominated for Best Picture). I don’t know anything about Triangle Of Sadness, but will look into it now.

Oscars Central: Who would you prefer to win any of the acting Oscars?
Katy: Actor In A Leading Role – Paul Mescal (Aftersun); Actor In A Supporting Role – Ke Huy Quan (Everything Everywhere All at Once); Actress In A Leading Role – Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All at Once); Actress In A Supporting Role – Stephanie Hsu (Everything Everywhere All at Once).

Oscars Central: Are there any actors who did not receive an Oscar nomination that you think should have from a 2022 film?
Katy: Literally any of the actors who worked on Women Talking (where are they??). Definitely Felix and Albrecht’s work in All Quiet On The Western Front – I’m sorry, without their immersive, intense, insane acting, that movie would have never been nominated for Best Picture. And lastly, Frankie Corio. I just honestly don’t believe that Aftersun as a whole and Paul Mescal’s performance would have been as strong if it weren’t for Frankie Corio’s phenomenal performance….down to every single look she gave throughout the film. It’s almost as if I saw myself and how I was at that age but in her. She nailed it.

Oscars Central: Would you seek out a film due to an Oscar win for a performance even if you are unfamiliar with the actor?
Katy: Yes, but this varies. Like, I’ve watched the Oscars and seen an actor or actress win for their performance in a movie I didn’t see that year, so I go to watch it to see “why” they won and have been underwhelmed on occasion. It’s truly hit or miss sometimes. Sometimes I’ll feel like someone else’s performance was more deserving. I definitely believe that whoever ultimately decides on who wins should remove their bias around the actor or actress themselves and rather strictly score on performance alone. I can stan an actor or actress all day, but if their performance doesn’t “hit” in one of their films, then I’ll judge accordingly!

Oscars Central: Are you aware of the ‘controversy’ surrounding a nomination for Andrea Riseborough for her performance in the film To Leslie?
Katy: No?? What’s that all about? [goes to Google] …damn, WELL. Good for her? Haven’t seen To Leslie, but I really appreciate that actress (literally stan her role in Mandy)…so I’m sure she honestly deserved the nom. I definitely will check out To Leslie now.

Oscars Central: How often did you go to the movie theater this past year? 
Katy: Oh man, I don’t know! I purchased the AMC membership where I can see 3 movies a week for free last year……so I saw a lot. Like, I even saw Multiverse of Madness 3 times, I think? (I’m also just now realizing Multiverse of Madness got no Oscar noms and I think that’s a mistake). So I’ve got no idea of the exact number.

Oscars Central: And to finish things off, what 2023 releases are you looking forward to?
Katy: I’ve been so overwhelmed with catching up on the 2022 films lately that I truly have no idea what’s coming out this year. Let me think….honestly? Infinity Pool just came out recently, so that’s next on my list. My goal is just to try and see as much as I can this year.

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