2023 Oscars Inspired Menu

With the 95th Academy Awards coming up, it’s time to plan your menu for your watch party (alone or with friends and family!). We have the perfect movie themed suggestions for your food and drink offerings for your Oscar watch on Sunday, March 12th.  If you need to catch up on all the nominated films, you can check out our list of where to watch each film here.

Below you will find our suggestions to pair with each Best Picture nominee.

Avatar: The Way of Water (Nominated for 4 Oscars)

Welcome to Pandora! While it may be hard to eat like Na’vi on Earth, we have some blue suggestions to make you feel you’re on Pandora. 

The Pandora Flakes are a must-have as special Frosted Flakes feature mini blueberry-flavored moon spheres, a pop of blue color, and a fruity aroma. Instead of just blueberry pancakes, you can make the pancakes blue entirely! Shaped like Pandora (kind of) and blue like the Na’vi. And to top off your Avatar: The Way of Water meal, wash it all down with a Na’vi inspired cocktail

Everything Everywhere All at Once (Nominated for 11 Oscars)

While we can’t transport through the multiverse, we have some amazing suggestions for the Daniels’ film themed snacks and drinks!

Hot dog fingers from A24 might be quite pricey, but you can easily snag some hot dogs (veggie, beef, whatever!) from the grocery store to eat (or stage a hot dog finger photo!). Trader Joe’s has everything covered for Everything seasoning products, so get your Everything Everywhere bagels ready! You can wash it all down with a buttermilk flip inspired cocktail or a Bloody Mary with some hot dog garnishes… 

Triangle of Sadness (Nominated for 3 Oscars)

It’s not every year we get an eat-the-rich, Marx-filled film full of scenes that would put you off your appetite, but here we are! The Ruben Östlund film received 3 Oscar nominations and we have the perfect foods inspired by the film, not recommended to eat while on a boat in a storm or while watching the middle section of this film (except maybe the Sickos).

Oysters are a staple on ships (TITANIC!) and this film is no different. If you’re like the captain of this ship, you can easily swap for a burger and fries. Wash either down with a glass of champagne or a Blue Ocean cocktail

Top Gun: Maverick (Nominated for 6 Oscars)

Talk to me, Goose! Great balls of fire, there’s a lot of puns you can make with a film like Top Gun: Maverick. This may be the most popular film amongst general audiences and these menu items may also be the most popular from our suggestions for all films!

This isn’t Top Gun, this is Top Gun: Maverick, so we have some Maverick tequila to kick things off. You’re in the danger zone if you don’t offer up some calZONES for your Top Gun: Maverick inspired meal. What pairs better with a calzone other than your wing man, wings! Iceman could use a nice ice cream to finish off quite the meal. 

TÁR (Nominated for 6 Oscars)

The Todd Field film is contending to win Lead Actress, picked up some surprise nominations, but only features a handful of scenes with food or beverages (can you get me my matcha?). Without many food features, we were left to puns to plan this menu. 

What better way to start the Oscars than with a TÁRcuterie board with something for everyone from cheese to veggies to olives and more. Another classic starter has to be the Tuna TÁRtare. Rat on rat no more, TÁR on TÁRe! And what better way to inspire you to sing ‘Apartment for Sale’ than a few Espresso TÁRtinis. They’re good enough for Larry David and Timothée Chalamet, they’re good enough for Lydia Tár.

All Quiet on the Western Front (Nominated for 9 Oscars)

While All Quiet on the Western Front is another film with a few scenes with food here and there, but mostly serious scenes about their lack of meals. We have some German inspired items as well as a few things the soldiers eat in the film. 

Jägermeister was developed after the film takes place but is a classic German alcoholic beverage. If Jägermeister isn’t for you, you can have a nice German beer for your drink of choice. Eggs play a small part of the plot in the film; you can go hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs or if you’re not making for a platoon, make eggs in your preferred style. Keep a loaf of bread available for when you have a moment to snack, and you’re all set!

The Fabelmans (Nominated for 7 Oscars)

We see our titular The Fabelmans eating at the family dining table throughout the film. From shabbat dinners to a Hanukkah party to a family breakfast, there’s nothing this family loves more than gathering around the table with some good food!

First things first, to celebrate like Fabelman, you need your disposable cutlery and tablecloth to roll up your trash in. While this is not eco-friendly at all, this is the way of Mitzi! In honor of Hanukkah (closer to Passover season, but the way of the film), latkes are a classic. Camping is a memory Sammy Fabelman may want to forget, but a great way to commemorate the camping trip of the film is with some s’mores.

The Banshees of Inisherin (Nominated for 9 Oscars)

The luck of the Irish at this year’s Oscars! What better way to celebrate The Banshees of Inisherin (as well as Paul Mescal, The Quiet Girl, and An Irish Goodbye) than with some Irish food and drinks.

Obviously, you need a good ole Irish beer! Guinness was founded much earlier than the film takes place, so this could be accurate to the film. If you’re not a fan of an Irish stout, you can switch for an Irish whiskey. Irish Potato Cakes could be the perfect way to soak up some of the alcohol if needed. It wouldn’t be a The Banshees of Inisherin celebration without some fingers…. Finger sandwiches that is. 

Women Talking (Nominated for 2 Oscars)

We did it, Joe! Women Talking is a Best Picture nominee. The film does not truly highlight a ton of food or beverage options, so we did our best here. 

Frances McDormand has a brief role in Women Talking, but her character, Scarface Janz, will never leave my mind. What better way to celebrate Scarface Janz than a drink named after her! The women bring tons of bread on their journey, so it’s a must for the 3 hours+ watch of the Oscars telecast. And while your water won’t be hand delivered by Ben Whishaw, it’s still important to stay hydrated.

Elvis (Nominated for 8 Oscars)

Elvis Presley has inspired many menu items over the years; however, we don’t really see Elvis eat too often in the Baz Luhrmann film. Below, you’ll find some food inspired by the real Elvis Presley himself as well as the film. 

Colonel Tom Parker loves his fried chicken, especially in a bucket. Pick up some chicken ahead of the big night or make some at home! Wash it down with a Blue Hawaiian drink (inspired by one of Presley’s many films) or some Elvis Presley Whiskey. End your Elvis feast with the sandwich inspired by the iconic man, a banana-peanut butter fried sandwich.

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