Audience Audit – Ballot # 3

In order to see what audiences think of the Academy Awards, we decided the best course of action was to reach out to our friends, families, co-workers and more to get their opinions on the Oscar race this year. While audiences have no overlap with Academy membership, it’s nice to get some clarity where some people outside the #FilmTwitter space are landing on the films in contention and the Oscars overall.

Our third Audience Audit comes from Jodie, who resides in Los Angeles. She’s in her early-thirties and a Copywriter for a clothing company. We asked Jodie about her thoughts on the Oscars telecast, Best Picture contenders, and more!

Oscars Central: Do you watch the Oscars each year?
Jodie: Absolutely. The only time I’ve ever missed them was when I was a freshman in college. The Oscars are an integral part of my year, every year!

Oscars Central: Does it make a difference to you who the host of the Oscars is?
Jodie: I think the host can either make or break the show, so it makes a huge difference to me. If I don’t find the host funny or agree with their general point of view, there’s a good chance that I won’t tune in. Unfortunate as that is. Luckily, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way about any of past Oscar hosts

Oscars Central: How long do you think the Oscars telecast is? If it was under 2 hours, would you watch the entire telecast?
Jodie: My guesstimate is that it’s usually around 3 hrs long, and I already watch the entire telecast. So if it was under 2 hours, of course, I’d watch! But I actually like it being so long, weird as that sounds.

Oscars Central: Of the Best Picture nominees this year, which have you seen?
Jodie: I have seen TÁR & Elvis. I loved both so much and am hoping to carve out some time to watch the rest of the nominees before the ceremony!

Oscars Central: Aside from Best Picture, which awards do you care about most?
Jodie: I really am always excited for the Supporting Actor and Actress categories as I really feel those roles are usually so pivotal and deserve just as much recognition as Best Actor and Actress. I also am always very excited about the Costume Design category.

Oscars Central: How often did you go to the movie theater this past year?
Jodie: I’ve only been to the theater once this past year! I am notorious for staying in…but the film I did see in theaters was Babylon (so worth going out!).

Oscars Central: What are some of your favorite movies that came out in 2022?
Jodie: Don’t Worry Darling, Bodies Bodies Bodies, and Babylon were standouts to me.

Oscars Central: And to end things, what is a 2023 release you’re looking forward to?
Jodie: I am SO excited for Barbie! I can’t wait.

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