’80 for Brady’ – Review

80 for Brady may not be breaking new ground, but the film is full of charm, heart and will bring a chuckle or two out of anyone. An all-star cast like this could make a football fan out of anyone for the easy runtime.

This review contains slight spoilers for the film 80 for Brady.

Since the late 2010s, there’s been a few comedies targeted at senior audiences with famous actors joining forces for some sort of easy premise. Most of these films (i.e Last Vegas or Going in Style) seem to make the older cast members the butt of the joke throughout the film, but 80 for Brady never makes a joke at the expense of the main cast’s ages. The film, based on a true story, isn’t spent looking back at ‘the good ole days’ or yearning for youth; 80 for Brady is proud of its characters’ ages, which makes the film a delightful watch. 

80 for Brady follows a group of longtime friends in Boston ahead of the 2017 Super Bowl. Lily Tomlin, Sally Field, Jane Fonda, and Rita Moreno star as the Boston fans as they become friends bonding over their love for Tom Brady while Lou (Tomlin) battles and beats cancer. As the years go on, the group of women truly develop a passion for the sport of football, but specifically Patriots football. As the women watch Brady head into another Super Bowl, they decide to enter a contest to win tickets and magically end up en route to the big game!

The film is filled with wild cameos, from Harry Hamlin to Billy Porter to Guy Fieri (and more not seen in the trailer!), to keep the sillier aspects of the plot still a fun time. While the film is based on a real story, 80 for Brady dramatizes a few events to make the viewing experience a bit more cinematic. From an accidental drug scene to a hot wing eating contest, 80 for Brady keeps the ladies and audiences entertained. An excellent soundtrack that will appeal to all audiences effortlessly keeps the tone up throughout the film. 

While a football family-friendly comedy may not always be the type of film with some great performances, Tomlin truly delivers a heartfelt performance that elevates the film quite a bit. Showing moments throughout her character’s journey with cancer, from treatment to remission to the risk of it returning, brings the film back to real scares for many people for themselves, their family, and friends.

Hamlin and Fonda have some great chemistry while showing a nice relationship between two seniors. Field and her character’s husband (Bob Balaban) relationship has a great commentary on codependency within relationships. Anyone who feels they bear most of the responsibilities in their household will easily relate to a pivotal scene with Field and Balaban. Moreno’s character has moments of dealing, or not dealing, with loss in life, which anyone can easily relate to. While there are dark moments of her character trying to move on from a loss, there are such great moments seeing her with a possible love interest giving some light in her life.

The real reason 80 for Brady works as well as it does is the chemistry between the four main women. Friendship is the backbone of the film and Tomlin, Field, Fonda, and Moreno appear effortlessly as lifelong friends. While the film could easily be dismissed as a silly comedy, 80 for Brady feels much more than that. 80 for Brady should inspire more female led, age-defying comedies in theaters. 

Grade: B+

Oscars Prospects:
Likely: Best Original Song (Gonna Be You)
Should Be Considered: Best Original Song (Gonna Be You)

Where to Watch: In Theaters

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