‘Shotgun Wedding’ – Review

Shotgun Wedding is the latest showcase for JLo as she returns to the romantic-comedy wedding genre. The film moves between action and family drama and features an eclectic cast. 

The happy couple, Tom and Darcy bring together their culture clashing families for their wedding in the Philippines. Surprisingly, bringing together their dysfunctional families on a remote island isn’t the worst part of the trip. Instead, it is the pirates who over take the special day and hold the wedding guests hostage. Once again Jennifer Lopez finds herself as the strong lead as she and her husband-to-be (played by Josh Duhamel) must rescue the wedding party.

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to weddings, both in real life and onscreen. Anytime a new JLo rom-com is announced it is always a delight. While Shotgun Wedding appears to be very much in her lane for her cinematic skillset, its use of action and comedy to tell the simple story of a destination wedding feels like a change for her. The comedy goes full force with clumsy action sequences and gags that are truly a fun time to watch. The film is not concerned with being realistic as it commits to being over the top with its violence. 

Although the film features a predictable script with a simple story, it delivers on being an overall fun time as JLo is in her element of being a bride who is an action star while also having incredible comedic timing. Duhamel and Lopez are positioned as an effortless comedic duo rather than a romantic couple as they banter and argue about their current predicament. Since the premise is so minimalistic, a sharper script could enhance the film, but JLo makes the dialogue work with her signature charm. The charming cast also is helped by Jennifer Coolidge, who can make anyone laugh just by breathing.

Shotgun Wedding never takes itself too seriously and that is why it works. The messiness of the tone and well-paced screenplay make for some funny moments by Jennifer Lopez and her supporting cast who all fit wedding guest stereotypes incredibly well. Overall, it is a light film that takes the audience through the tensions of getting married and the adrenaline rush of escaping pirates who take your family for ransom. 

Grade: C+

Oscar Prospects:
Likely: None
Should be Considered: None

Where to Watch: Prime Video

Jillian Chilingerian
she/her @JillianChili
Lives in LA
Favorite Director: David Fincher
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