2023 Oscar Nomination Reaction – Podcast

The 2023 Oscar Nominations are here! Jacob, Kenzie, Lex, and Adriano all get together to discuss the nominations, who they liked, who they didn’t, and what they felt about them as a whole.

Check out the 2023 Oscar Nominations here.

Listen to the pod below.

One response to “2023 Oscar Nomination Reaction – Podcast”

  1. […] Under Greig Fraser’s eye, Gotham has never looked simultaneously dirtier and more gorgeous. Most superhero films, namely the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have grown accustomed to a certain look and feel that feels, at best, minimal. This is why it was so refreshing to see a comic book film with not only such a unique look and feel but a stunning one at that. The way Fraser and director Matt Reeves use lighting in every shot to make the film have such a gritty feel goes off without a hitch, making every shot look like an art piece. And it’s not even like the nomination was a pipe dream, Fraser was nominated for his work at the ASC, the BSC, and the BAFTA. So that just made it extra upsetting when it missed out on the nomination at the end of the day. – Adriano […]


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