A24 Oscar History – Podcast

In honor of the release of Halina Reijn’s Bodies Bodies Bodies, the podcast this week was all about A24 films and their history at the Oscars. Adriano, Jacob, Jillian and Kenzie were joined by Bryan from Film Fragments first discussed the news of the week, including the HBO Max drama, TIFF Lineup and Lady Gaga joining another Bradley Cooper produced film.

The panel had a great discussion on A24’s history at the Oscars, which tallies to 35 nominations, including 7 wins. The group dives into what nominations were deserved, where the A24 films were snubbed and films that were left out of the Oscar conversation completely, but deserved some Oscar love.

Listen below to the panel’s thoughts on A24 films and let us know if you have any additional films from the production company that deserve some Oscar love!

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