Thor: Love and Thunder – Making the Case for the Oscars

We have yet another Marvel film coming out this week and anytime there is a new project, people set their sights on the Oscars. Let’s discuss if Thor: Love and Thunder is a film title we will hear in January on Oscar nomination morning.

The Academy and Marvel debate has been one that has been talked about for many years. Our very own Alexis recently took a deep dive into that with her Marvel/Oscars History post you can read here. I plan on sending her piece to many people every time we hear “comic book movies don’t get Oscar nominations.” Sure, you rarely see the films in the above-the-line categories, including Best Picture, but rarely do we have films that are worthy of that nomination.

Can Thor: Love and Thunder add to the list of Marvel Oscar Nominations? Or will the film perform as past MCU Films have? Let’s dive in.

How was the film?

As a big fan of Thor: Ragnarok and Oscar Winner Taika Waititi’s style, I enjoyed Thor: Love and Thunder as much as I did Ragnarok. However, you have a story that was more emotionally layered than Ragnarok. You don’t always get great acting within Marvel/Comic Book movies, including Chris Hemsworth. I love Hemsworth, but what he brings as Thor is much more appealing to the eyes than our ears. However, adding some great actors in Natalie Portman and Christian Bale forced Hemsworth to up the ante in this role.

Overall, Portman and Bale reminded us that there can be great acting within the razzle-dazzle comic book movies bring us. It is a step up in the more recent ventures in the MCU and brought a little hope to what lies ahead in Phase 4.

What Nominations Should the Film Contend For?

On paper, this film has a lot of things going for it. You have Oscar winners throughout this entire project. However, I’d be lying if I said this movie was in contention for any nominations. While I thought Christian Bale was exceptional, he doesn’t move the needle regarding the Supporting Actor category.

The below-the-line categories aren’t something I feel we could look at either. The CGI is spotty at times, and the sound and score are okay, but nothing truly stands out.

Ultimately there might be a project down the line that will swing in favor of Marvel in terms of the Oscars, but Thor: Love and Thunder isn’t that project.

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