Post Cannes Oscar Check Point – Podcast

For this week’s podcast episode, Jacob and Kenzie were joined by Adriano and Scott to dive into Oscar possibilities based on this year’s releases and reactions out of the Cannes Film Festival.

Listen to the podcast to hear the discussion around releases thus far into the year, some long shot hopes for less likely Oscar players and what the team thinks of the Cannes Film Festival Prize Winners to watch out for come Oscar season.

The group also made some guesses of certain films coming out later in the year and where they may have their festival premieres.
Here’s what each of the group guessed:
Venice Film Festival – Adriano, Kenzie
Toronto International Film Festival – Jacob, Scott

Killers of the Flower Moon:
AFI – Kenzie
New York Film Festival – Adriano
Skip Festivals – Jacob, Scott

The Fabelmans:
Telluride Film Festival – Kenzie
AFI – Jacob
Toronto International Film Festival – Adriano
Venice Film Festival – Scott

She Said:
Toronto International Film Festival – Adriano, Scott
New York Film Festival – Jacob, Kenzie

We’ll see how right they are later this year!
Check out our Calendar with all upcoming film release dates plus film festival dates!

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