Academy Announces New Rules & Changes

The Academy has announced several changes in Oscar rules and campaigning requirements in a press release put out today. The Academy also confirmed the eligibility period, which is a return to a full calendar year; a feature film must have a qualifying theatrical release date between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022.

Films must be released in theaters to be eligible, the Academy stated in the press release. Digital links to materials permitted under specific circumstances. “The Academy Screening Room will no longer be a method of qualification, as theaters have reopened; the six qualifying U.S. metropolitan areas continue to be Los Angeles County; the City of New York; the Bay Area; Chicago, Illinois; Miami, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia, and apply to General Entry categories as well as the Documentary and Short Film categories,” the Academy noted.

Additional rules updated in the Academy’s press release include:
In the Documentary categories, the two category names have been changed to: Documentary Feature Film & Documentary Short Film.
In the Music (Original Song) category, no more than three songs from any one film may be submitted.
In the Sound category, producers will be required to make their films available for viewing by Sound Branch members, particularly when the release date is after the preliminary voting cycle opens. Any special circumstances requests regarding eligible nominees must be received by the General Entry deadline of November 15, 2022. Additionally, clips for the nominating screening (bake-off) shall not exceed 10 minutes of running time per title.

The submission deadlines are as follows:
Documentary Feature Film – October 3, 2022
International Feature Film – October 3, 2022
Animated Short Film – October 14, 2022
Documentary Short Film – October 14, 2022
Live Action Short Film –October 14, 2022
Original Score – November 1, 2022
Original Song – November 1, 2022
Animated Feature Film – November 15, 2022
General Entry categories – November 15, 2022

For campaigning changes, the Academy set forth a detailed list of the ways companies can and cannot campaign to Academy members to consider their films ahead of nominations. Per the press release, the Academy noted all permitted items for eligible films must be sent using an Academy approved shipping vendor.

Other campaign rule additions include:
Before nominations, only member of the writer’s branch may receive screenplays.
Likewise, scores may be sent only to members of the music branch before nominations.
Mailings are limited in number and may not include quotes, photographs or key art.
Q&As must have only one moderator, and after nominations, all participants other than the moderator must either be nominated or eligible to be nominated.
Before nominations, no dinners or parties for films. Food and drinks may be served at screenings before nominations.

A complete list of rules and dates are available at the Oscars website.
Keep up to date with all dates for eligibility, releases and festivals on our Calendar as well.

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